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If so, this would be the place to advertise your unit for a fee of $75.00 and a percentage of your Wine Cellar "resale" price. If you are interested in being featured on our "Clearance" page please Click Here to email us. Your listing will appear on both of our websites and perhaps a 3rd site soon!

 Wine Alarm  
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For Wine CabinetsThe TA3-HLD is a low cost solution for precise temperature monitoring, and it helps stop false alarms in hard-to-monitor applications. The TA3-HLD includes a Time Delay Module (1 to 99 minutes) which postpones the relay output until the timer has expired. This device also includes a built-in Audible Alarm with manual Alarm Silence Feature to suspend the audible alarm (but not the relays) for 10 minutes.  click to read more - ONLY Probes are available for TA3-HLD and TA2-HLD


 Alarms are SOLD OUT 

Probe/Sensor    SRP $60.00

 Probe/Sensor  Sale $49.95

Wine Breather - AeratorClick Here & Scroll to purchase

Pour the wine from the bottle into the breather funnel.  The wine will flow out of the small holes at the bottom of the funnel tube and cascade down the side of the decanter, giving maximum exposure to air to achieve optimum more or to purchase this special!   




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Ultimate Wine GuideClick Here & Scroll to purchase

The Essential Guide to Choosing & Enjoying Wine! Let Oz Clarke help you select the perfect wine for every meal or occasion - from classic wines to exceptional finds at surprisingly affordable prices. read more/purchase this special!    



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 Wine Cooling System 
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VM-3500 hzd

This unit is FOB Houston and only one in stock - It is meant for a Wine ROOM and not a Wine Cabinet. it will cover up to 650 cu.ft in Stock FOB Houston TX - more info or to purchase



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Twin Digital Warmer/Cooler               

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Description                                                                                      Professional Wine Chiller and Warmer is professionally engineered and elegantly designed; this tabletop wine chiller/warmer makes it simple to serve wine at the proper temperature, ensuring optimal flavor. The unit's convenient library settings offer precise, click on more info

Twin Digital  Warmer & Cooler - Click Image to Close



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Hot Deals - Miscellaneous

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Hot Deals - Wine Cabinets

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