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KoolSpace Cooling System
Installation and Technical Information 
  • Epoxy coated coils give the best protection against corrosion from acetic acid. 
  • Advanced heat exchanger boosts efficiency and saves energy.
  • Super hi-flow axial fans deliver greater airflow, yet less noise than others.
  • Innovative acoustic insulation chamber, with concert hall sound baffling.
  • Smartest, smallest controller! Hermetically sealed for total corrosion resistance.
  • All cooling units are CSA and CE certified to international standards.
  • Microprocessor Control
  • All Digital Sensing - Computerized Airflow - Vibration Isolation - Silver Louver


Approved Cooling System in the United States!!

If you installed CoolSpace just like we told you, then you don't have to do anything more. You don't have to touch a single button or learn how to program a controller. Jut plug it in and walk away! CoolSpace is a true "plug-and-play" machine. Factory-set Auto mode will reach and hold a storage temperature of 57F (14 C), constant within one degree. Relative humidity will normally remain within a range of 40% to 80%. And while CoolSpace delivers maximum power and humidity, it will also achieve maximum efficiency. In Auto mode, CoolSpace will control its circulation speed and compressor cycling according to its own intelligent analysis of ambient conditions and cooling load. This, in turn, will ensure long life for the motor and compressor.

Hey, this thing is really in control!

CoolSpace is equipped with an Alternate operating mode, which you can select by pressing and holding the "Set" button for 4 seconds. "F C" will appear in the display indicating "Fan Control" mode, which means CoolSpace will self-adjust its fan speed to attain quietest possible operation. The Alternate mode symbol will display every 4 seconds, and the enclosure temperature will display alternately. As in Auto-Mode, storage temperature can be changed in Alternate mode by pressing the "set" button for a moment, then pressing the "UP" or "DOWN" symbols. If you like, you can thin of Fan Control and Default modes as "Winter" and "Summer" settings. In a typical winter situation where household temperature is constant 75F and relative humidity stays low, Fan Control may be the best choice. If in summer conditions, however, ambient temperatures in the house frequently rises above 75F and humidity tends to become extreme, then Default-mode will function best. For best overall performance and humidity control, we recommend you operate your unit in Auto mode. (Note that the unit will automatically reset to Auto-mode if it determines that Fan Control is not adequate to the cooling load.) To deselect the Alternate mode, simply unplug the power, then replug after ten minutes; CoolSpace will return to Auto-mode and set-temperature to 57F.

What you see is what you get...

At initial power-up, CoolSpace will display the symbol "--" for about 5 seconds. Then it will display the temperature inside the enclosure. After 5 minutes, the fans and compressor will begin operation. (This 5-minute delay is a safeguard against compressor damage.) You can verify the pre-set storage temperature by pressing "SET: button for a moment, until the storage temperature appears on the display. To change the storage temperature, press the "SET" button for a moment, then press the "UP" and "DOWN" symbols (press once for each degree of change).

Don't be alarmed...

CoolSpace has its own electronic alarm and safeguard system. The alarm will display with a flashing "A L" in the window if the enclosure temperature rises about 72 F and the unit will further protect itself by shutting off its fans and compressor. During the first 12 hours of operation, the alarm will ignore this condition as CoolSpace gradually achieves storage temperature. To reset the alarm and return to default settings, simply unplug the unit for about 10 minutes, then plug it in again. Not that if a power interruption occurs during a compressor cycle, the unit will remain off for 5 minutes before re-starting, as a further safeguard against compressor damage.

How'd they do that?

It's all in the wrist -- literally, in YOUR wrist, when you plug in your CoolSpace. A high-resolution fully digital sensor instantly brings to life the electronic genius of CoolSpace. The sensor tell CoolSpace, very precisely, what's going on "out there" and "in here". Then CoolSpace can make intelligent decisions about motor speed and fan speed, compressor cycling, energy conservation, and so on. Hey, this machine isn't just smart - it KNOWS it's smart!

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Coolspace Cooling System Specifications  
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KoolR 600H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"
H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"  D-15"
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KoolR Plus 900H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"
H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"  D-15"
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 1000H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"
H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"  D-15"
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 1500 H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"
H-9 1/8"
W-15 1/2"  D-15"
6000   $1590.00Click Here to Buy

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